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Phantom HD

The role of the surround speaker is to create a convincing, continuous envelopment for each listener, without introducing distractions such as bright spots, dead zones, or timbre imbalance. Legacy Audio offers versatility and performance in surround speaker options by providing on-wall, inwall, stand mount and pivoting bracket designs.

You can be assured that each of these speakers is of premium quality and is carefully voiced to integrate within the Legacy line.

The Phantom HD on-wall speaker provides a multipolar radiation pattern for the ultimate in spatial envelopment. The front firing 8” Silver/Graphite midbass and the 1” spiral ribbon tweeter are precisely angled for optimal coverage of the listening area, while the bipolar 5.25” drivers fill the off-axis response. On-wall mounting is easily accomplished with the included french cleat brackets, locking the speaker securely into position.

Designer Notes from Bill Dudleston on the Phantom:

"The Phantom is a very carefully conceived speaker with more technology than meets the eye... I'll explain. 

Anytime you place a loudspeaker element near a boundary it is always accompanied by a reinforcement rise, then followed by a dip. The frequency of the dip is a function of the distance from the boundary. When I built the Phantom, I carefully positioned the 5.25" drivers very close to the wall to fill in the response -just where the 8" driver is subject to a dip in the frequency response. 

This arrangement also enhances dispersion and prevents near field hot spots. Phantom is a diffuse field radiator that uses the wall to its advantage, yet provides great direct field clarity. The slopes in the baffles are key to the performance. They work great as side, rear, and height channels and can even be used as overhead channels on a sloped ceiling.

Consistent with the new Atmos (Dolby) standards, Phantom avoids the phasey dipole effect of the early days of home theater."

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Product Manual Download (4 MB)
Application: Ultimate ambient dispersive on-wall side or rear surround
System Type: 4 driver, 3 way
Mounting: Wall plate included
Tweeter: 1" spiral ribbon, titanium diaphragm with Neo motor
Midrange: Dual 5.25" Silver Graphite, cast frame
Midwoofer: 8" Silver Graphite woven diaphragm, cast basket, phase compensation plug
Low Frequency Alignment: Sealed, boundary compensated, M-S Array
Inputs: 1 Pair binding post, recessed cup
Recommended Amplifcation: 25-200 Watts
Frequency Response (Hz): 50-25K
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 93 dB (2.83 Volts@1m)
Crossover (Hz): 200, 3K
Dimensions HxWxD (Inches): 19.375 x 21.25 x 9.875
Weight: 35 lbs each
Shipping Weight: 139 lbs per pair
Available Finishes:

Legacy Phantom HD in Standard Black Satin finish

Phantom HD in Premium Curly Maple finish

Phantom HD Surround in Premium Natural Sapele Pommele finish

Legacy Phantom HD Surround Speaker in Rosewood finish

Legacy Audio Phantom HD in Black Pearl finish

Legacy Phantom HD in Premium Natural Sapele Pommele finish

Legacy Phantom HD Surround Speaker in Cabernet Sapele Pommele finish

Legacy Phantom HD in Natural Cherry finish

Legacy Phantom HD in Black Pearl finish

Legacy Phantom HD in Rosewood finish

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