When I reviewed the first iteration of the Legacy Studio closefield monitors ten years ago, passive speakers in pro studios were still quite prevalent. Today, in a speaker world awash in powered monitors, the latest version of the non-powered Legacy Studio is a rare choice for studios.

The new Studio, priced at $1,699 per pair, has been totally redesigned with new drivers and cabinet design. Legacy’s primary market is the audiophiles, but high-end pros that choose the separate amp/speaker route have used the Studios and their larger brothers, the Classic and Focus, for the detailed, accurate monitoring.

Legacy has a few dealers nationwide but does much of its business via direct factory order with a generous return policy.


The Studio HD is a compact-sized, closefield monitor that sports an 8-inch woofer with a cone woven from carbon graphite and silver thread, and a custom-designed 1-inch folded ribbon tweeter with a kapton diaphragm and neodymium magnet. The ported, B4-reflex cabinet, provides bass augmentation for the small 13-inches tall 10.5-inches wide and 10.8-inches deep cabinet, allowing the speakers to reach down to a claimed 42 Hz.

Overall specifications included a factory rated frequency response of 42 Hz – 22 kHz (plus, minus 2 dB). The crossover frequency is 2.8kHz. Power rating is listed at 25 watts to 300 watts continuous RMS. Impedance is rated at 4 ohms nominal.

The cabinet’s internal bracing and ultra-dense hardwood housing make for an extremely inert package with no midrange or treble coloration. Finishes include walnut, cherry and black pebble. The angled edges and sloped front-to-back dimensions are said to enhance dispersion.

Cable connection is done via spade or banana plugs, and the speakers can be bi-amped or bi-wired by removing the jumpers from the four speaker posts. Two switches allow subtle reduction in the mid-bass and low treble to compensate for room and location effects on the sound — about -2 dB.

I set up the Studios in two different systems: a closefield setup with a Mac DAW and as a midfield monitoring rig in the middle of my room with a 16-channel analog console.

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