Legacy Audio, partnered with Raven Audio of Texas & Metronome Technologie of France, featured four systems in the Madison Room of the Westin O’Hare… from the Studio HD bookshelf speakers to the flagship V system.

“The first product you encountered entering the Legacy suite was a longtime standard, the exceptional $11,495 Legacy Focus SE. With its 4” dual Air Motion Tweeter (AMT) and 1” Kapton super-tweeter, pair of 7” Silver/Graphite woven mids, and pair of 12” spun-aluminum woofers, this 6-driver, 4-way speaker left no doubt as to why it has survived the test of time. Beyond their ability to render wonderful tone color and texture, they offered authentic and realistically sized soundstaging as well.”

– Greg Weaver, The Absolute Sound

Next up were the Legacy Aeris and new Calibre monitors.

“...they [Legacy Calibres] lived up to their hype; crisp, clear vocals and strong bass.” – James Larson, Audioholics

“The Legacy/Raven room was off-the-charts cool!”

Quote & Photo Courtesy: Todd Cooperider, Secrets of Home Theater

The main system consisted of the flagship V Speaker System and powered Calibre monitors, both utilizing the WaveletDAC/Preamp/Crossover/Correction unit.

Legacy Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, provided daily demonstrations on the technology employed in the Wavelet processor. Employing an internally powered pair of Calibre and a few simple cuts, the audiences consistently remarked that the Wavelet’s processing improved clarity, image placement, stage width and depth. One cut, Dean Martin’s Blue Moon transported everyone to an intimate setting with his rich baritone. Switching out the processor flattened the stage and left us with a compressed and thin sound.

“… when room correction was enabled, the change was startling. Dino’s voice snapped into focus and got even smoother and more textured. Bass perceptibly was tighter and the soundstage grew deeper with reverb trails fading gently while staying on pitch. The noise floor also seemed lower, with any edginess banished from the presentation.”

-John Stancavage, Part-Time Audiophile

One showgoer remarked on Audiogon, “…the Legacy V System around the corner from Von Schweikert was stunningly good at a fraction of the cost. Truly outstanding sound.”

Opposite the V system, you could find the Signature SE’s and Studio HD bookshelf speakers. For the home theater enthusiasts, the Legacy Silhouette on-wall speakers & new compact dual 12” Foundation sub were also on hand for auditions.

We sincerely thank all who attended and hope you enjoyed what you heard!

See you next year at the Renaissance Schaumburg.

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