Legacy was thrilled to exhibit at the first annual Florida Audio Expo in Tampa in early February 2019.

“Heard in the main system were the Legacy Aeris loudspeakers in what sounds like edible natural Sapele Pommele/Black Pearl finish ($21,150/pair as shown) with Wavelet DAC/preamp/crossover/correction unit (additional $3450) and new Legacy Powerbloc4 amplifier ($2950).

This was the most successful demo of Legacy loudspeakers and electronics I’ve experienced in many a show…timbres were extremely neutral and spot on. In the Shostakovich, the speakers threw a huge, high soundstage. As for the high, piercing piccolos, the system truthfully captured how they sound in live performance. I also loved how fine and neutral The Wailin’ Jennys’ live, a cappella rendition of “Bring Me a Li’l Water, Sylvy” sounded. I was impressed with the directness of the treble and strength of bass on “Billie Jean” by The Civil Wars.”

Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile.com FL Audio Expo Coverage

“The Legacy room sounded fantastic. These are just average hotel rooms, and Legacy had a big advantage with the DSP…very good bass and that beautiful signature midrange. It’s a very warm midrange, very captivating sound. The Aeris speakers sounded outstanding. This was a very intimate and satisfying room.

WOW! Legacy does it all…bass, tonality and dynamics!”

Peter Breuninger, AVShowrooms

Legacy also “came full force with a demo of their Focus SE speakers in their primary demo room” shown in the exotic Cabernet finish.

“Both setups were powered by Legacy electronics with their Wavelet DSP and room correction system. Bill showed me the before/after measurements and how effective Wavelet was at taming room nodes in the demo room. We were seated right up against the back wall, a pressure maximum, but yet the standing waves weren’t killing us or coloring the presentation.” Gene DellaSala, Audioholics.com

Set up in a separate, but attached bedroom, were the Legacy Calibre XD monitors and Studio HD bookshelf speakers, paired with the Legacy Powerbloc2 amplifier.

"The real star of the demo for me was the smallish Calibre speakers that threw off a soundstage on a Sia track we listened to that simply bellied the size of the speakers.” Gene DellaSala, Audioholics.com

"This paring sounded simply fantastic. Beautiful midrange, airy highs, and more bass than you would have expected. The Wavelet was taking care of the room in all the right ways. The soundstage, as I have come to expect from Bill's speakers was vast in width and depth dimensions. The imaging was really working. Combined with Qobuz serving up some really fine quality files, the effect was mesmerizing. Dynamics were excellent on the tracks I heard.

I would also point to some perceived build quality. The finish on these speakers was top-notch. They weigh 50lbs each! The appearance is well designed and easily passes the "would you put it in the living room?" test."

Lee Scoggins, PartTimeAudiophile

“Musicality is foremost in Legacy’s design, and that is all about wavelaunch reconstruction, so that what you are hearing what is natural and believable. Legacy is continuously pushing the limit, improving articulation, striving for the most believable sound.”

Paul Elliott, PartTimeAudiophile, on site interview with Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston

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