"There is no question that the new room correction (Wavelet) option makes a critical difference."

"In my initial review of the Legacy Aeris (Issue 235) I found that it was an excellent speaker for its price. The addition of the new Wavelet processor, however, makes a great speaker even better."

"Wavelet is the answer to my one major wish for an improvement in the original Aeris design: It provides automatic set-up and room-correction adjustment features. In fact, they are snap to operate."

"Wavelet is a full-featured outboard analog and digital preamp. It also provides automatic setup, including adjustment of the levels for its electronic crossover and channel balance, and far better room compensation than the earlier Wavelaunch—compensation that helps eliminate the coloration from unwanted room reflections."

"The combination of the Aeris and the Wavelet are also relatively affordable by the steadily escalating pricing of the high end. The Legacy V that I reviewed in Issue 258 is the best speaker I’ve encountered with room compensation, but it costs $49,500—daunting even to most dedicated high-end audiophiles."

Aeris "is one of the most attractive pieces of sculptured woodwork in audio."

"I found the end result worked well with a wide range of speaker and listening positions, and produced consistently accurate measured results, where other units I’ve tested that place the mike in or around the listening position sometimes produce strange settings because the mike just happens to be in the wrong position. Moreover, no amount of tweaking the settings on the Wavelet to their extremes presented digital processing problems—something that can happen with room-correction devices that have more features than processing power."

"The result is audibly improved transient response that allows the Aeris to operate accurately and consistently in any listening environment... A vital step forward."

"I should stress from the outset that the Legacy Aeris with the Wavelet is a very good speaker even without the room correction switched on. To repeat some key points from my first review, the treble and upper midrange are realistic without any softening or, contrarily, any touches of hardness. The treble from the dual Air-Motion Transformer folded ribbon tweeter is extended and provides all the air I could want. Equally important, its transition to the mid frequencies of the “titanium-encrusted” 8" midrange is virtually inaudible. Many of the designs I’ve heard that mix driver technologies have at least minor sonic anomalies in the transition areas between them and you can sometimes hear the difference."

"Even without the room correction switched on, the Aeris will reproduce the midrange of my best piano and violin recordings with the kind of accuracy that is sometime missing in even the most expensive competition."

"What is even more important to me, however, is that it also produces major sonic benefits even in a good room and a good location. The bass is much tighter, and transients are far better defined. You can hear the full range of bass without dominant peaks and fewer apparent suck-outs. Higher-level dynamics are cleaner, particularly in the bass."

"The end result is a combination that integrates electronics and speaker design in ways that not only do more to solve room-interaction problems, but produce cleaner and more musical sound at every dynamic level."

Legacy has also been awarded 5 Editor's Choice Awards, "Without Question, one of the Great Values in High End Audio" , Speaker of The Year, the LIFE Reference 100% Award, Secrets Best of the Year Award, Breakthrough Technology of The Year and more.

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