"Signature SE Produced a Clarity and Ease of Musical Performance Which I Never Experienced Before"

"Legacy Audio has a sound that doesn't lull you, yet presents the details with relaxed ease. Add to this the astonishing dynamic capabilities. These speakers brake for nothing. This applies not only to the bold or rough, but especially to the essence and the vitality of fine instrumentation."

"I was amazed by the spatial representation (of the Legacy) that beat my Triangle Grand Concert($70,000) significantly in depth and openness. Even at low frequencies, the Legacy delivers decent volume without exaggeration. The Legacy speakers remind me of the Model One from Ubiq Audio ($16,000 per pair) which really impressed me a few months ago. Just as then, I experienced with the Signature SE an imposing sonic balance which is not over analytical but provides a complete picture of the music with three-dimensional depth.

...the Signature produced a clarity and an ease of musical performance which I never experienced before.

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The tonal match of the Legacy brings back memories of days gone by. Its way of matching this power with transparency, speed and clarity sets the Signature SE apart from its competitors."

"The cabinet of the Signature SE in the premium version impresses with the finest of surfaces. But the Signature is not only a brilliant piece of craftsmanship on the surface. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of woodworking and joinery that Jacob Albright brought into the firm, the Signature SE is both pleasant to look at and provides rigid casing which leads to a great acoustic performance. The speakers play well in smaller rooms also, thanks to the closed cabinet, they still perform great when positioned near a wall."

"The famous New York Mercy Sound Studios has been working with Legacy Audio speakers for years. Now, thanks to the distributor Notabene-audio, Legacy Audio is also represented in Germany.

Bill Dudleston’s scientific research in technical and acoustic area is not only used in its speakers, but has earned him wide recognition: The press has been praising its products and recently he even found his name placed alongside Nobel Prize laureates and statesmen of the mid-west in the regional Hall of Fame. He is also listed in the American business “Who's Who”.

"Bill Dudleston built Legacy monitors for Arista, Sony, the Universal Music Group, Epic Records and archival organizations like the Stradivari-Violin-Society. Multiple Grammy winning producers like Rick Rubin, Antonio “LA” Reid and mastering-engineer Herb Powers are using Legacy Audio to work with artists like Sheryl Crowe, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mariah Carey and many more. Re-Mastering-Engineers like Steve Hoffman used the Legacy speakers for work on the remasters of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole."

"It is good fun to listen to any genre through the Signature, which shines even with Hard Rock. I do not know very many speakers that are so versatile on such a high level and can convey any musical style as holistically authentic. Despite the homogeneity and the amount of sound, details don't get lost but instead impress. That is an outstanding feature of Legacy’s. The plucked upright bass feels powerful but never boomy with the Jazz trios, a piano sounds full of energy and the notes clearly accentuated. String arrangements of classical music are interpreted with splendor, delicacy and accuracy but also transparency and warmth – that is hard to find."

"The chorus of Carl Orffs Carmina Burana played from the Telarc CD stood in a broad formation inside my music room, or at least I could have sworn they did, and the instruments played with impressive dynamics and power. Clear voices like Katie Meluas from the Piece by Piece album – streamed from Qobuz – sounded truly astonishing and the instruments built a wonderful sonic image. I'm not sure how often I listened to Joni Mittchells Lady of the Canyon to enjoy the fascinating resolution, warmth and glory of sound produced by the Legacys."

"It’s hard to part ways with these speakers."

"The Legacy Audio Signature SE is a really versatile speaker with great tonal balance. The ability to match the pleasant and colorful sound with such an intense resolution paired with excellent dynamics is amazing. It was about time that these Americans could be enjoyed and acquired here in Germany."

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