"A true assault on the state of the art…one of those rare new approaches to high-end audio that is so good that it almost compels serious audiophiles to audition it."

"This is one of the best speaker systems I’ve heard. It is worth the trip to hear a demonstration, even if its price makes it a dream for most audiophiles."

"The Legacy V has a very clean presentation without any of the artificial emphasis in the upper midrange that can sometimes give the impression of a “clean” sound... as musical and natural as the recording permits."

“I thought the simpler version of this driver (Legacy AMT) in the Aeris was excellent, and it sounds even better in the Legacy V. This one is very, very good: tight, fast, and transparent with the natural life and air the best recordings provide.”

"…the Legacy V does an exceptional job of providing a wide listening area and natural soundstage. It has extraordinary frequency range, low- and high-level dynamics, and exceptionally natural musical detail."

"…you hear far more of the deep to upper bass in the way the signal is meant to be heard, and not the usual mix of peaks in the more audible portions of the midbass, and suckouts in the upper bass or lower midrange. There also are fewer problems with audible room resonance and vibrating objects sensitive to the particular bass peak in a given room."

"It addresses the psychoacoustic problems in room/speaker/listening-position interaction to a degree that no competing system I’ve heard has attempted, and it does so with striking success."

"The Wavelet (part of the V Speaker System)…offers by far the easiest and most reliable set-up process of any room correction device I know. At the same time, it goes far beyond the performance of the earlier room correction …and produces far better results than my previous efforts to adjust room performance using various forms of room damping and reflection treatments. I’ve lived with a wide range of other room-correction systems, and used TacT, Meridian, DSPeaker, and Audyssey units in my reference system at different times. I experienced set-up problems in each case."

"The Wavelet-Legacy V system did better in all respects than any other DSP system I’ve tried. In addition, its electronics are designed to permit easy firmware upgrades—a feature that should be a basic criterion for modern digital electronics. This means Legacy V buyers face a much reduced threat of obsolescence."

"I was truly impressed with what the Legacy V could do. ...the improvement in overall clarity was immediately apparent. The same later proved true with Modern Jazz Quartet recordings and many others—including the Eagles, Stones, and Jennifer Warnes."

"The Legacy V is one of the finest speaker systems I’ve had the opportunity to listen to, one of the most technically innovative, and a true assault on the state of the art."

Read the full review, here, from The Absolute Sound, Issue No. 258

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