"I sampled tracks from every genre imaginable... No matter the content, I could not escape the impression that the music I heard through the Signature SE’s was ultimately more engaging and interesting than I had ever heard it before. Irrespective of the genre that I chose to listen to, the Signature SE’s owned the music the way that only the best speakers can."

"Whether it was music or films, there was no content that failed to impress with its incredible imaging, effortless dynamic range and tonal purity."

"Acoustic Alchemy’s Playing for Time (one of my all-time favorite tracks) is just delicious through these speakers, with tons of detail and realism that I just don’t get with my Paradigm Studio 100 v.5’s. I attribute some of this to the dual Air Motion Tweeter (AMT) which delivers some of the clearest and least fatiguing upper octaves I’ve ever heard.

…it elevates the performance of this speaker to a level that is very hard to match at this price point or even several tiers higher."

"The AMT really has a way of bringing out micro-detail. Through the SE’s I found myself noticing much more of the environmental noise that was previously lost in the mix and this only served to deepen my immersion in the film."

Legacy Signature SE in Premium Rosewood finish

"Upon removal of the velvet I was greeted with beautiful rosewood veneer, finished to perfection as one would expect from a company that prides itself on craftsmanship."

"The speakers are beautiful."

"One of the truest compliments you can give a speaker is that it transports you from the certain knowledge you are listening to a recording, to forgetting you aren’t there experiencing whatever is on the screen in front of you.

With the Signature SE’s in my theater, this didn’t happen only once. It happened again and again as my favorite recordings and films were transformed into experiences and I found myself completely immersed."

"I strongly suggest an audition. Highly Recommended."

Legacy Signature SE in Premium Ribbon Mahogany finish

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