"While Legacy Audio is perhaps best known as a high-end speaker manufacturer, amplification has been an integral part of the company's DNA since they have been building studio-grade powered speakers for years."

"Here, we feel that Class D designs have finally reached their pinnacle of performance success and this surely cannot be denied. The Powerbloc2 pricing is simply fantastic as a Class D power amplifier- and at the end of the day, this unit does just about everything that it was set out to do. It is particularly worthy of loudspeakers that need a lot of reserve power and maybe a hard, low impedance load to drive."

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"Rated at a humongous 325 watts per channel into 8 ohms, its dual-mono design offers a separate dedicated power supply for each channel, giving it exceptional stereo reproduction and it has more than enough headroom to drive the most demanding speakers as we shall see further on."

"The amplifier immediately displayed a forceful and dynamic sound quality that permeated throughout the recorded sources and the listening room. Stereo separation was immaculate and all voices and instruments on the recordings tried were perfectly placed and clean sounding; what one might call "quite immaculate" throughout the evaluation sessions."

"Impressive in its huge power serves, transients were never restrained or muffled and the soundstage was wide and dispersive in integrity and fluidity of sound fulfillment. This amplifier handled all the test loudspeakers with ease and exported a robust musicality to them with tons of power to spare."

"To say that this amplifier as a whole is surely a solid, well-built, and very powerful unit is quite an understatement."

"It is an expansive, full-powered amplifier that is of great value and worthy of the most dedicated high-end audiophile systems."

"Currently, it would be hard to find too many amplifiers that match it in its fine construction and overall sound attributes. If you are in the market for a two-channel stereo power amplifier- give the Legacy Powerbloc2 a good listen within your preferred audio system. The Powerbloc2 may not disappoint!"

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