"Every time I deal with Legacy Audio, I never cease to be amazed at their appearance- regardless of the cost, the speakers are finished in such a way that they look organic in both a modern apartment and in the Royal Opera Hall of Versailles- Legacy Audio is the most experienced speaker cabinetmaker in North America."

"Signature SE can be placed close to the walls of the room without undesirable consequences."

"Let me remind you that, unlike ribbon radiators, the sound front in the Legacy Air Motion Tweeter is formed by compressing in an accordion-like manner from the thinnest film, which yields tremendous speed, and the natural ability to reproduce the attack of percussive sounds."

"At high volume with most speakers, you expect boominess, but there is nothing like that with the Signature SE- every note, every sound is perceived as absolutely natural. You rarely hear a test recording of Taiko drums sound like this- both attack energy, and subharmonics with vibrations are lifelike and true to the live performance. The authenticity of what is happening is emphasized by the real atmosphere in which the recording occurred- the Dual Air Motion Tweeter system literally fills the room with air."

"The Legacy Signature SE proves to be not picky in amplification choice, but very attentive to it. The speakers are extremely transparent and guarantee dynamics, openness and the full richness of timbres- and the rest you can adjust to your own taste by selecting different components."

"And what I have noted multiple times with Legacy- there is minimal, almost zero interaction with the room."

"Even when turning up the volume, you get no distortion- even heavy music with a dense spectrum can be listened to for a long time and with pleasure."

Learn more about the Legacy Signature SE, here.

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