Legacy Aeris receives the 2022 AV Salon Editors' Choice Award

"I will try to convey in words, the sound of this miracle of engineering."

"Aeris minimizes reflections from the walls by creating a cardioid pickup patten with the woofers, yielding minimal side radiation."

"The Dual Air Motion Tweeter matches perfectly with the midrange driver to achieve tremendous speed and clarity."

"These speaker cabinets have an absolutely inert design that does not color the sound, even at maximum volume."

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    "The Room Compensation measurement of the Wavelet is unparalleled."

    "Our Aeris were connected with the Wavelet processor- a unique and serious device. Wavelet is a stand-alone unit that features, most importantly, a powerful DSP with state-of-the-art room correction designed specifically for Legacy. In many ways, it outperforms the Wavelaunch processor that comes standard with the Aeris."

    "When using the included USB, we noted the focus of the image became clearer- this indicates a high class of converters in the Wavelet."

    "An important point is the precise crossover of Aeris’ subwoofer section with the midbass section above it- such cohesiveness when using a free-standing subwoofer is very, very difficult to achieve."

    "The cohesion of the different driver bands is impeccable- it is impossible to determine separation points by ear. Everything is clear, as in a live performance. Everything, from jazz quartets to club trance, is equally convincing. Even in a relatively small room- Aeris has no boundaries."

    Learn more about the Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award Winning Legacy Aeris, here.

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