"One of the pleasures of being an audio reviewer is that you sometimes get to audition equipment you cannot afford that sets a new reference standard. The Legacy Valor is a case in point.”

"VALOR is a superb new loudspeaker system that mixes a truly innovative speaker design and dedicated electronics to achieve one of the best-sounding systems I’ve ever heard. I’ve had several months in which to audition it, and if I could afford $86,000 to buy it, I would."

"It is a superbly built speaker system that is physically large, but not room dominating—a virtue in itself for those who like to demonstrate and live with their sound system. A statement, but not an in-room elephant."

"This really is a speaker you need to hear."

"I should note that if you buy the Valor, Legacy will send installers who will tweak it to provide the best possible performance in a given room, as well as to your taste. A properly set up Valor/Wavelet II system can be almost embarrassingly good, especially when the recording has captured some degree of depth, as well as left-to-right detail and energy levels."

“'The Wavelet II correction improves sound quality in the whole room, provides improved transient response, clarity, and soundstaging, and gives a relaxed sound without rough edges or any booming.' You are not listening to key room resonances and room/speaker interactions. Instead, the bass detail and dynamics are much better defined. This description isn’t hype; it’s based on solid acoustic science and engineering."

"I would not bother with all this technical detail if this was not one of the best speaker systems I’ve heard, and one that, despite its high price, outperforms some far more expensive systems. I also wouldn’t bother if I did not hear so many of the Valor’s improvements in sound quality when I listen to the much cheaper combination of Wavelet II and the Aeris. This is a truly great speaker system."

Wavelet II Back Panel

"I would suggest you audition the Valor simply to help you redefine the state of the art, and—if no dealer is nearby with the Valor—audition the Legacy V or Aeris to hear what the Wavelet II can do in a less advanced Legacy speaker or in your own speaker system."

"You get more detail and natural sound, and better ability to locate given instruments and voices in place, regardless of whether it is a solo instrument, a large complex orchestral performance, or mixes of instruments and voice. You get from this system more authentic musical sound..."

"Valor/Wavelet II combination gets you as close to reality as any speaker I’ve ever heard."

"The Legacy Valor with the Wavelet II processor is one of the few pieces of high-end equipment so good and so innovative that you almost have to seek out an opportunity to hear it demonstrated. If the Valor is beyond your budget, remember that you can get many of its merits with the less expensive Legacy V and Aeris, or by using the Wavelet II with your existing speaker. It does as much to solve the speaker/listening-room interface problem as any mix of passive and active devices I’ve ever heard. It is scarcely inexpensive, but only moderately priced by high-end standards and offers very good sound quality. I know- I use the Legacy Aeris."

-Anthony H. Cordesman, The Absolute Sound, January 2022

The Legacy VALOR has also been called "An Ear-Opening Experience!" , "A Heroic Speaker" Compared to Systems Costing $100K More, and "The Best I've Heard"

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