In 2019, renowned designer Bascom H. King visited Destination HiFi in Los Angeles to hear the Legacy VALOR speaker system with Wavelet....

"Well, let me tell you that was a very ear-opening experience!"

"The sound of that set-up was amazingly uncluttered and spatial with excellent tonality. When the correction was turned off, the music collapsed more into a plane and sounded like a big blanket was placed in front of the speakers."

"The SUT technology really shines with that VALOR speaker system because the derived space of the recorded venue is allowed to be projected into the room from the top section of the speaker in a three-driver array – two firing to the sides and one on top aimed to the rear."

"One cut which stands out in my memory was from the Peter, Paul, & Mommy album called “I know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.” This was from a concert where the artists played to a group of children. In this cut, the children were subjectively tens of feet further in back of the performers and it was so incredibly detailed in that you could hear the individual kid’s laughter quite clearly."

The Legacy VALOR system consists of two VALOR speakers, and the Legacy Wavelet. 2,750 Watts of internal amplifiaiton power the subs, bass, mids and ambient array, while one external stereo amplifier powers the uppper section.

"I was shocked by that reproduction and how good the other things I brought to James Thompson's store sounded. So, this is what the Wavelet can do with Legacy’s big VALOR system and I was indeed impressed."

Bascom H. King is responsible for designing amplifiers for Constellation Audio, Marantz, Infinity, PS Audio & more.

The Legacy VALOR has also been named "Best In Show RMAF" "Outstanding! The Best I've Heard", "A Heroic Speaker" Compared to Systems Costing $100K More and more.

The Legacy VALOR alongside the Legacy V & Aeris at Destination HiFi, Los Angeles.

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