Legacy Powerbloc2 “Delivers Premium Sound Quality to Any System-Your Speakers Will Thank You”

"The Powerbloc2 had finesse and muscle, imaging was excellent, and it had complete control of my speakers, allowing me to hear what they can do."

"Lots of power with plenty of reserves."

"If your speakers are hard to drive or inefficient, the Powerbloc2 will be able to drive them with no trouble. Rated at 325 watts per channel into 8 ohms, its dual-mono design offers a separate dedicated power supply for each channel. It has more than enough headroom to drive the most demanding speakers while delivering premium sound quality to any audio system."

"Because they don’t need space for air circulation, they can be placed into tighter spaces or inside a closed audio cabinet. After hours of playing music and movies, the top of the Powerbloc2 barely felt warm. There are no internal fans as they simply are not needed. This keeps internal dust build-up to a minimum. You’ll be impressed with the construction and the quality of the unit. The top is made of a thicker-than-average grade of aluminum which adds to the quality feel of the amplifier."

"I listened to 70’s rock, classical orchestra, male & female vocalists, New Age to Jazz and the Powerbloc2 sounded amazingly clean and articulate. The bass was noticeably punchier than my current Class A/B amp and the soundstage was well balanced from both left to right and front to back."

"The Powerbloc2 pumped out bass with authority."

"I was impressed by the Powerbloc2’s ability to deliver tight deep bass. It was not loose or tubby but had an impact that you could feel gently, deep in the pit of your stomach. The deep notes resonated, vibrated and skipped back and forth with ease. Even the decay of the vibrations had a natural feel to them. Acoustic instruments are a great way to evaluate sound on a speaker and in this case, the degree of control from the Powerbloc 2. Not only for the loudest passages, but also the quiet nuanced sections as well. Because of the huge power reserves of the Powerbloc2, you could really pump up the volume and it just sounded more “live."

"All styles and genres sounded superb with the Powerbloc2."

"The silence between soundtracks was as black as could be. Even with my ear up to the tweeters, I heard no hiss. Powerbloc2 is ON when the music plays and completely OFF when there is no signal. Deep bass and sweet highs with silence in between songs is exactly what you want in both the speaker and the amplifier. No hiss whatsoever!"

"I enjoyed listening to my music with the Legacy Powerbloc2. If you can’t afford a Legacy speaker system, perhaps a Legacy Powerbloc2 can make your current speakers sound their very best."

"If you are in the market for a two-channel sound system and you want these qualities in your sound system, give the Legacy Powerbloc2 a closer look and listen. Your speakers will thank you."

Learn more about the two channel Legacy Powerbloc2, $1,800, "The Best Value In High End Audio," here. Also available as the four channel Powerbloc4.

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