"The editor of TAV and I have been after a review sample of the Legacy Wavelet for a number of months and have finally succeeded in getting one."

"Well, let me tell you that was a very ear-opening experience!"

"It combines the functions of a control preamp, DAC, a digital crossover with up to four bands per stereo channel, and a room/speaker correction processor that is comprehensive and effective."

"The Wavelet from Legacy Audio offers an extraordinary new approach to room correction software." The Legacy Wavelet can now be utilized with speakers from other manufacturers, without having to send your speakers in."

"I was shocked by that reproduction and how good the other things I brought to James Thompson's store sounded. So, this is what the Wavelet can do with Legacy’s big VALOR system and I was indeed impressed."

"The sound of that set-up was amazingly uncluttered and spatial with excellent tonality. When the correction was turned off, the music collapsed more into a plane and sounded like a big blanket was placed in front of the speakers."

“The corrected sound was more three dimensional and detailed and I preferred it over the non-corrected sound. I realized how good it sounded on a lot of material including streaming on Pandora and Qobuz. Some music came across with amazing detail and space….this Wavelet is a good sounding device.”

Wavelet has also been named the 2019 Absolute Sound Editors' Choice, Product of the Year, and more.

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