"This review has become a headlong rush to see what speakers will be paired next with the i.V4 Ultra because its power, immediacy with delicacy, rich layering, and fullness in timbre beg to be showcased with a lot of speakers."

"Real changes come with components like the Legacy Audio i.V4 Ultra Amplifier. The first moments of hearing the speaker were distinctly different, primarily due to the leap in resolution, increased headroom and increased dynamic capacity."

"Do such technological changes bring a better sound? You bet! Do not doubt that these are fundamentally different amps than the older class D you heard years ago."

"The i.V4 Ultra is already superior in every parameter of sound quality among the amps I have used.

"When dozens of such pieces are so affected, then the conclusion is sure: the amp has better resolution, impact, transients, headroom, quietness, etc. Sometimes an amp has a couple of these qualities in abundance, and it requires more careful sifting through the music. But, in this case the outcome was obvious, not questionable. I could come up with no parameter in which the i.V4 Ultra was not superior."

"One of the most telling aspects of the difference between amps and the i.V4 is the preternatural quietness and nonexistent noise level. Noise level dictates how much grunge will be heard when an older recording is played back. The i.V4 Ultra seems to be an order of magnitude better when it comes to adding no noise to the signal."

"The i.V4 Ultra can be jacked up to an intimidating level with no perceived distortion and no noise being added. If you hear the i.V4 Ultra, you will understand — completely. As an example, when I listen to the low frequencies as found in “Royals” by Lorde's or “Flight of the Cosmic Hippo” by Bella Fleck, the 15” drivers’ action on the Whispers seem as tight and precise as 6” woofers in bookshelf speakers, but with the benefit of lower frequency extension."

Legacy Chief Designer Bill Dudleston explains: “All amplifier channels in the iV series are differential bridge designs. Such designs provide much greater voltage and require higher current power supplies to support it. The inputs to each channel are balanced as necessary.

The iV4 Ultra dedicates the entire power supply of an 1200AS2 to supply the exceptionally high current capability. The chassis design is unusual as each chassis component has the anodized coating polished away at mating junctions to provide a continuous electromechanical cage. The custom fabricated mounting aluminum bracket greatly increases heat sinking. Each module’s heat sink has an individual grounding lead running directly back to the inputs.

The iV Ultra Monobloc adds a high purity copper bar weighing in at 6 pounds to further refine the grounding scheme.”

-Bill Dudleston, Chief Engineer

Internal photo courtesy @scaudiophile

"It is a singularly thrilling experience to hear an electrostatic speaker that you thought might be maxed out in terms of cleanness driven to a more resolving performance. Put the i.V4 on your speakers and you’ll start to hear serious panel magic!"

"The i.V4 Ultra not only has exquisite detail, it is also exquisitely and tonally pure. It brings a sense of the ideal to each voice’s and instrument’s tone and reduces the incidents of sharpness in some notes that other amps project. The precision of the i.V4 Ultra aids in the perception of proper tone."

“Speakers matched with the i.V4 Ultra nicely show not only their relative cleanness, but also their relative warmth.”

“Layering of the performance is noticeably superior... The layering the i.V4 Ultra produces is exemplary, allowing my mind to think though several contributing threads to the performance simultaneously!”

“I cannot stress enough how exhilarating the experience has been using the i.V4 Ultra as an amplifier driving a variety of speakers of different genres, and how perceptually perfectly it has done so! This is easily my favorite amp of all time.”

The i·V4 ULTRA is also available in configurations from mono bloc to 8 channels in one chassis.

Legacy amplifiers have also been called “The Future for Surround Sound Amplifiers" & "A Sharp Throw Into The Future"

Learn more about getting your system 24 bit ready, here.

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