Legacy Audio’s Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, and Technologist, Brice Auxier, presented the new VALOR flagship system & Calibre monitors to the Atlanta Audio Club in June at the Marriott Century Center Hotel.

Legacy’s presentation to the welcoming group of forty-five audio enthusiasts began with several simple tracks. Each track portrayed a strikingly different acoustic space rendering a truly 3D image. As always the Atlanta Audio Club shared some amazing orchestral selections thanks to Greg Kelso, an experienced music cataloger at the University of Georgia, and club VP Chuck Bruce.

The group was then treated to an informational presentation regarding how the room correction and the Stereo Unfold circuit work together to restore the proper sequence and levels of direct and ambient sound arrivals. You can view the content from Bill’s presentation here.

Bill would periodically disengage these Wavelet features and each time the soundstage would compress vertically, timbre became less natural and the bass line became notably sluggish in comparison. The richness and believability were painfully diminished. The limitations of standard stereo playback without these modern corrections were laid bare.

Legacy Technologist, Brice Auxier, then switched over to a listening session with the new Calibre speaker system – in this case the powered XD version. Several members of the Atlanta group remarked about the dynamic capabilities of the compact system in such a sizable listening space. “For their size, these speakers go quite low in frequency…”

An open listening session then began with the The Beatles’ Magoni & Spinetti cover of “Come Together” and closed with dramatic crescendos courtesy of Shostakovich’s “The War Symphonies.”

Bill and Brice also took the opportunity to visit the nearby home of the always affable and interesting Chuck Bruce, a bit of a music historian. Chuck displayed first generation copies of Nat King Cole’s analog masters at 15 ips along with Wilson Audio’s recording of “Wind of War and Peace” on his new sleek carbon fiber turntable. Beautiful!

“I heard so many positive comments about this program on Sunday. One of our members said you are the “rock star” of the speaker world! Can’t argue with that. Nobody brings such well researched scientific information to a “speaker” meeting!”

– J. Morrison, President, Atlanta Audio Club

To learn more about the Atlanta Audio Club or to view their June meeting notes, please click here.

We are grateful to the Atlanta Audio Club for their Southern hospitality and enthusiasm.

Thank you for listening with us!

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