“I popped the Legacy Audio Powerbloc2 in my system. The sound of this thing is in a different league sonically than any other amp I’ve had in my system. First and foremost the sound was full and natural like the instruments were being played in front of me."

“Everything blended with a sense of live realism. There is a sense of realism to bass guitar and cello sounds that gives the Legacy a clean edge. Voices, both male and female have an incredible sense of realism even beyond the tube amps I’ve used. Not artificially smooth but again, more real and lifelike. I’m hearing the artist’s breath between the words. The highs literally shimmer and naturally decay in the room as if the instruments are being played right in front of me.”

-Jeff Zoccoli, Internet forum

“I consider the Powerbloc4 the most warm and inviting Class D experience I have had to date.”

Doug Schroeder, Dagogo.com

“I have a Powerbloc 2 and think it is the best value in high end audio. It blew away my previous McIntosh MC275 tube amp. I was trying to make it work bi-amped and came to the conclusion that the Powerbloc2 was fine by itself.”

D. Mallet, Submitted via email

First Impression: Gotta Have It!

“The new Legacy amp is incredibly slim and functional at only 3-inches tall and 14-inches deep. If you’re working in custom installations or need high rack density, this Legacy Audio amplifier is a superb solution. There are two balanced (XLR) and two unbalanced RCA inputs plus high quality five-way binding posts which offer you all the flexibility you need.


“I have a pair of Focus SE speakers, using the Powerbloc2 as amplification. It is a marvelous pairing, and I think there is something special, though not intuitive or logical, in applying a powerful amp to efficient speakers. There is an effortlessness and ease which is addictive.”

D. Mallet, Dagogo forum

“This is the first time I have ever tried bi-amping my Focus speakers, and what a difference it has made. The Powerbloc2 is a very impressive amp, I tried it on both the bottom end and the top end of my speakers and either way it sounds great.”

Mark Z. via Facebook

“I heard not a trace of the dynamic squish or leading-edge flattening that a lack of dynamic headroom imparts. The totally convincing realism of each leading-edge ping of a cymbal strike and the palpable pull of air impacting from each accented kick-drum hit were emblematic of a good system operating without dynamic limitation.”

“All the power most will ever need, with the sound quality you want in a slim, cool-running package. Legacy’s promise of serious power at a fair price is honestly made and fully delivered.”

D. Kumin, Sound & Vision Magazine

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