Legacy's new i·V 7 amplifier received a Top Pick Award and 5 Star Performance review, landing it on the Best Gear of Summer 2020 list by Sound & Vision Magazine.

"Do you actually need that much power? Legacy responds with an emphatic “yes” and describes in great detail how you need increased power to convey the full resolution of today's 24-bit audio formats, which have 35 dB greater dynamic capability than standard 16-bit audio."

Is Your System 24-bit Ready? Learn more here.

"Tangible benefits, confirmed by reviewer Al Griffin in his listening tests, include a whisper-quiet noise floor and enough headroom to deliver frightening real sound, whether transients in high-res music or ricocheting gunshots in an Atmos soundtrack. Summing up his impressions, he concluded: “Does the extra power make a difference? In my listening, it certainly did.” In other words, the i·V 7 delivers big-time on its promise of nearly unlimited peak dynamic power."

Read more of Al Griffin's review here.

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