"Does that extra power make a difference? In my listening, it certainly did. Action movies with explosions and shouted dialogue sounded effortlessly dynamic via the iV7, while stereo music played on a tower-based rig had a notably clean presentation with taut, well-controlled bass."

"With the 2- and 4-channel domains covered by the Powerbloc pair, the logical next step would be to develop more-channel options to handle the system expansion that Dolby Atmos and other immersive formats require. The i·V family of amps, which are available in configurations ranging from two to eight channels, is that next step. What's new with the i·V line, aside from more flexible channel configurations, is the use of ICEpower's latest-generation ICEedge chipset, a solution also found in Legacy Audio's 4-way Valor flagship, where it delivers an impressive 2,750 watts to the tower's multiple drivers and built-in subwoofer."

"The i·V ‘s exceptional build quality and good looks- allow me to remind you of that blue-backlit tracking meter- also make it an amp you’ll want to display out in the open as opposed to hiding away in a rack."

"Needless to say, the i·V 7 delivered big-time on its promise of unlimited-seeming peak dynamic power."

"…the amp proved whisper-quiet once I powered everything up for playback."

"Listening to "Alexandra," (16/44.1 FLAC, Tidal) a track by British singer-songwriter Laura Marling, I was struck by the intimate, warm, and completely unstressed quality of the sound. Vocals were full and rich, and the acoustic guitar, electric bass, and drums all came through distinctly in the mix."

"In listening comparisons with the 2 x 150-watt Hegel integrated amp, the i·V 7 delivered firmer control over the low end, fleshing out the individual bass notes while maintaining a strong foundation. Meanwhile, John Scofield's electric guitar floated above everything, coming across as clean without being overly crisp."

"Kraftwerk's "The Telephone Call/House Phone" from the album 3-D The Catalogue (24-bit/44.1 FLAC, Qobuz) is a track I had fun with when upmixed for Atmos in my home theater, but I also wanted to hear how it would come across in straight stereo. Played on the JBL towers with the i·V 7 amp, the mix sounded lively and well-layered, with a clean partitioning of samples and voices across the soundstage. Here again, the bass came across as dynamic and deep, and there was a taut quality to the presentation that added clarity and focus."

"The i·V 7 sounded great in my system and comes highly recommended if you’re seeking a multichannel amp that offers not just an ordinary, but extraordinary performance."

The i·V 7 received a Top Pick Award and 5 Star Performance review, landing it on the Best Gear of Summer 2020 list by Sound & Vision Magazine.

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