"A Total Success, Nothing Short of Extraordinary"

Audioholics 5 Star Performance Ranking

"The Signature SE is a quintessential example of a properly designed system and it produces terrific bass. It has an effortless, confidence-inspiring low end."

"I’ve been at this for 50 years. I’ve heard them all. But with that said, the Legacy Audio Signature SE is, by a wide and clearly audible margin, the best speaker that has ever graced my personal listening space."

"The Signature SE’s proved more than up to the task of speaking quietly, but with precision and authority. Lesser speakers smear these details together; the Legacy's kept things clearly delineated and precisely focused, without any artificial hype or an exaggerated top end."

"A lot of my favorite music is ‘60’s-‘70’s jazz, Miles Davis/Wayne Shorter/Chick Corea/Joe Henderson/McCoy Tyner and the like, residing on singularly undistinguished recordings on Blue Note, Columbia, Milestone and so on. The Signature SEs have an amazing ability to bring life and transparency—especially in the utter clarity and delineation of stand-up acoustic bass—to these old albums that is nothing short of extraordinary."

Legacy's 10" Woofer

"There is some subtle ghosting of brushes on cymbals by drummer Joe Morello behind Paul Desmond's alto sax that was never apparent before. It just jumps out at you—you notice something very subtle and quiet, but it's unmistakable. There it is, for the first time ever. After 55 years of listening to this album (a simple Columbia recording of a piano/bass/drums/alto sax quartet), something brand new hits me over the head. Same room, same power amp, same pre-amp, same CD player, same CD, same listening position. One change: From AR9 to Legacy Signature SE."

“There is a unique satisfaction and respect for the company (and its designers) that occurs when a speaker hits it on all counts. The Signature SE is a total success, in my view.”

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