Legacy Signature SE is "Remarkable- Incredible Dynamics with Nuance & Delicacy"

"There are very few speakers out there that offer such a compelling mix of rock-solid American construction, fantastic sound quality, and sheer dynamics. You could easily spend a lot more money and get far less."

"The Signature SE retains incredible dynamics, finely nuanced midrange, detailed treble, and crisp bass, while still remaining easy to integrate into most rooms."

"Imaging was excellent, with the vocal taking a definite set between the two speakers and the instruments clearly defined in space off to the sides. Those instruments also seemed to be at different depths on the stage, furthering the illusion that I was listening to a live band."

"The high-gloss finish was perfect, the result of multiple coats of paint and hand-buffing."

"(The Signature SE AMT) really capture fine details in music so well without crossing over into harsh territory as some other driver types do."

"Overall construction quality of the Signature SEs is first-rate. They are manufactured entirely in the US which is commendable given the price point. Legacy Audio also makes a full line of matching subwoofers, center channels, surround speakers, and in-wall/on-wall models if you wish to put together a complete multi-channel or home theater system."

Legacy Signature SE in Premium Black Pearl finish

"Amazed at the raw bass power the Signature SEs could produce. We’re talking heart-palpating, buttocks-vibrating levels here folks, subwoofers are truly optional with these babies. It wasn’t just the depth and volume of the bass that struck me, but the quality – so crisp and tight."

“When listening to the orchestral piece “Tutti!”, Signature SE was a remarkable presentation of a great piece of recorded music. They captured these huge dynamic changes with ease."

"I must give the Signature SEs’ sealed design some real kudos here. They proved to be very accommodating of different placement options, with very little change in overall balance as I moved them around the room. As a bonus, keeping them closer to my front wall made them less intrusive."

"The Signature SE Towers have some of the best overall bass response and accuracy of any speaker I have ever heard."

"Not only did they fill my room with big, booming sound but they also delivered more quiet passages with incredible nuance and delicacy. Their very neutral overall character was incredibly flattering to good recordings while still remaining tolerant of poor sources. The AMT midrange and treble drivers remained clear and detailed at insane volume levels and the dual 10” woofers could seriously kick.

"Throw in the easy-to-drive nature of these speakers along with their excellent build quality and you have one heck of a bargain in the high-end audio world."

"Without a doubt this is one of the best-sounding speakers I have heard for less than $10,000 per pair. The Legacy Audio Signature SE Towers would make a great choice for a two-channel stereo system or as the mains in a killer home theater setup."

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