"Elegant & Lifelike- Focus SE Could Easily be Sold for Two or Three Times the Price"

Legacy Focus SE owner, Dave Radlauer, shares his Legacy experience...

"With aplomb, the Focus SE serves up clear, colorful detail and nuance, negotiating dense textures deftly while delivering walloping dynamics."

"Not unlike the legendary Apogee Duetta panel/ribbons, though with greater focus and a wider sweet spot. To these virtues, Legacy adds refined harmonic fidelity, a larger, deeper and more convincing sound stage, fatigue- and stress-free highs, vast dynamic authority and exceptionally well-integrated bass."

"Legacy’s elegant AMT offers a natural and lifelike presentation of violin, viola, cello and double bass, depicting string ensembles with notable relaxation, naturalness and extension, balancing string attack, body resonance and massed bloom."

"The Legacy Focus SE loudspeaker is elegant, robust, and aesthetically agreeable. Coupled with the Wavelet capability, the Focus SE is a “poor man’s Aeris” for about half the price."

"The Focus SE is equally impressive with string-oriented genres like chamber music, Hot Club jazz or Country fiddle, balancing the bite of string attack against mellow glow of body resonance."

"Doing business with Legacy was a pleasure. They were completely professional in all respects from demo to delivery. Have you ever had a legitimate offer so good you almost broke a wrist reaching for your wallet?"

"Legacy products are a stupendous American-built value that could easily be marketed and sold for two or three times the price, with very generous upgrade/trade-in policies within the Legacy line."

Photo: David Radlauer

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