Legacy Wavelet "An Absolute No-Brainer: Highly & Unreservedly Recommended"

"My system is now the most “tweakable” it’s ever been. I can dial the system in to a degree I never previously experienced."

"The ability to tweak with the Wavelet is enormous. My approach in tuning my system is to attend live performances in good venues and then promptly go home and play similar music. There was always futility in this endeavor – some aspect of the performance always had to be sacrificed. However, with the Wavelet I’m not stuck with rigid preset choices. Instead, I can directly dial in the sound I recall."

"The Wavelet DAC with room correction engaged sounded significantly better than the MBL."

"Switching in room correction immediately tightened the mid-bass, brought out the lower bass, and separated and layered performers in the soundstage. The Wavelet’s room correction is so easy to set up, and so obviously reveals and corrects room anomalies, that you should consider acquiring the Wavelet solely for this function."

"Over the years, company founder Bill Dudleston has built some of the best speakers you can buy at various price points. Luckily for us, his company isn’t as quiet as it used to be, and now many are aware of the excellent, reasonably-priced speakers he sells. I hope to expand your consciousness further by reviewing..."

"...the best bang-for-the-buck component I’ve ever encountered – and I’m including some fabulous components."

"Setup is very easy. and operation is completely effortless."

"Combining this with an excellent DAC and the ability to contour the sound makes this device an absolute no-brainer."

"The six contour adjustments allow you to perfectly tweak your sound."

"I’ve lived with the Wavelet in my system now for nearly a year, so this review represents a long-term experience, not just a one-month plunge into a new toy."

Wavelet Control Interface

"This is what the Legacy replaced in my system: 1) the MBL 1611F DAC, specially modded to include MBL’s own volume control and analog inputs; 2) the Lyngdorf RP-1 room correction device, and 3) the BSG Signal Completion Stage."

"At retail, this totaled $32,000 of equipment. The Legacy Wavelet is under $6,0000."

"I was very concerned about replacing these components. I had spent years researching and listening to assemble a combination that, to my ears, was pretty much ideal for my room and personal tastes."

"The DAC in the Wavelet is competitive with the best DACs available, the room correction is better (IMO) than all others I’ve heard, and the digital preamp, crossover and equalization features are of the highest order. The Legacy Wavelet led me on an entirely different path that has upped my listening enjoyment. Highly and unreservedly recommended, even for those who have extremely high-end components. The Wavelet is greater than the sum of its parts."

Learn more about the Breakthrough Technology of The Year Award Winning, Wavelet, here.

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