Legacy Whisper XDS "Easily Challenged Anything On The Planet"

"When I reviewed Legacy Audio’s Aeris 3 years ago I had to surrender to the degree of punch, transparency and focus they delivered. It was the kind of unprecedented sonic revelation that leaves a listener with an open mouth and jaw dropped. Whisper XDS is different – the jaw dropping effect is gone and replaced by naturalness and sophistication, yet it managed to kept every tiny bit of what made the Aeris so outstanding."

"The kick drum has incredible punch through the Whispers as if the speakers wanted to demonstrate what the real live energy of the instrument is."

"The piano at home (and the piano through the Whisper XDS) is farther from being audiophile and closer to being real. On top of the highend status the Whisper XDSs add intense sensation that the interpreter is in the room with you, which is a very absorbing experience."

"The Whisper XDS will explain to you where the real enjoyment of music comes from."

At $23,650 the Legacy Whisper XDS "can easily challenge anything on the planet."

Audiodrom Magazine has reviewed two Legacy speakers- both are in the top 4 performing speakers:

1. Magico S7: $64,000

2. Estelon X Diamond: $65,000

3. Legacy Audio Whisper XDS: $23,650

4. Legacy Audio Aeris: $19,525

Legacy Audio has been awarded their 6th Consecutive Editors' Choice Award and the Whisper XDS and is frequently compared to "Speakers costing $75,000-$100,000"

Whisper XDS in Premium Natural Sapele Pommele finish

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