"By Far and Away The Best I've Ever Heard"-Legacy Calibre Review

"These speakers make music on videos come to life and move me like I had been to the performance; what more could I ask for. I think it is safe to say I have never enjoyed music on video like I did with the Calibre speakers."

"...an incredibly beautiful “not so mini-monitor.” As beautifully finished a pair of speakers as I have seen at any price."

"With the Calibre speakers in this system, it was by far and away the best I had ever heard this movie sound. The soundstage was huge, the dialog was clear, the bass was incredible and the music put a big smile on my face."

"I was moved to wanting to clap and cheer. When it was over, I wanted to tell anyone I could what a great concert it was and they should buy the DVD." (The Kennedy Center Honors: Paul McCartney)

Photo by: The Audio Beatnik

"The bass had real decay and sounded very alive. It sounded so natural and whimsical. It was incredible. The Calibre speakers brought this performance to life in a way I had not experienced at home before."

"These speakers have a way of letting you feel the music. I’m more than impressed!"

"The most fun of any speakers I have ever had."

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