Audio Beatnik awarded Legacy Best Speaker of 2018 for the Calibre.

"These little Legacy Audio Calibre speakers were as beautiful a pair of stand-mounted speakers as I have ever seen at any price."

"They were so good that I had to write a review with my video systemand a second review with them in my analog system. The pair I reviewed was finished in what they call cabernet and black, and simply put, I was so impressed with them I concluded this saying “it is safe to say I have never enjoyed music on videos like I did with the Calibre speakers, but now it was time to try them out in my analog system.”

"I listened to them in my analog reference system and was equally pleased concluding, “You get an extremely musically involving and satisfying speaker. It’s not just a great speaker for its size, it’s a stunningly great speaker, and if not a great bargain, it is an incredible value."

"I could not recommend a speaker more highly for a two-channel stereo system or a home theater system.”

“These awards go to products I’ve actually had the opportunity to hear and wrote a review on this past year. I am not giving out awards in every category, but I think the products listed here legitimately deserve “best of” recognition."

Read the first review, here: "By Far and Away The Best I've Ever Heard."

Read the second review, here: "Stunningly Great & So Much Fun To Listen To!"

View the award on The Audio Beatnik, here: The Audio Beatnik's Best of 2018 Awards: Part Two

Learn more about the Legacy Calibre, here.

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