"I've heard Legacy Audio's rooms at many shows and they are always extremely clean, very fast, and top-notch definition too. The soundscape was wide and deep, with top-to-bottom coherency. It was obvious that not only can the system produce realistic sound levels; it does so with a sense of ease. My listening notes also say excellent harmonic structure."

"Legacy Audio is one of the truly amazing companies within high-end audio as they do everything from front-end gear to speakers and all-in-between. At the Florida Audio Expo 2020 they were showcasing the company's new i-V7 ($7350), which is their most powerful home theater / multi-channel amplifier to date. It features the latest state-of-the-art ICEedge technology to deliver seven channels at 600 Watts @ 8 Ohms, which if you do the math is 4200 Watts in total!"

"While this is an incredible amount of power, due to the very high efficiency of ICEedge technology, the amplification section is an impressive 80% efficient. Peak power you ask? How does 1200 Watts from any channel @ 4 Ohms, yet with less than 1% distortion. Inputs include true balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA. Loudspeaker output is via gold plated safety approved five-way binding posts. Other specs include a dynamic range of 127dB and channel separation of 120dB."

-Steven R. Rochlin, Enjoy The Music

Top Ten Inspirational Systems at 2020 Florida Audio Expo

"Of course Legacy Audio offers more than their new amp... Legacy Audio's room was without a doubt one of the musical highlights during the Florida Audio Expo 2020."

"You don’t usually see speakers as large as the Aeris for just under $20k. Paired with the company’s new i-V7 multichannel ICEdge Class D amp ($7350) and Wavelet DAC/Pre ($4950), the sound was exceedingly relaxed—or punchy when the music so required. Not only was transparency high, but imaging was excellent. Even Legacy’s “smaller” Focus XD speaker ($12,915), which was also shown, proved to be a lot of speaker—size- and sound-wise—for the money."

-Alan Taffel and Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

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