Legacy Audio exhibited a full range of high performance audio solutions, from Legacy bookshelf speakers (the $1,795 Studio HD) to floorstanding speakers and the cutting edge, high performance i-V series amplifiers at the 2020 Florida Audio Expo.

“The whole room electrified. You’ll hear an amazing amount of bass, perfectly suited to the hotel room because of the Wavelet. I give it merit for impact, dynamic range, and believability. You could close your eyes and you’d be at the front row of the concert. It was superb.” – Peter B., AVShowrooms

"The 31-pound, seven-channel i-V7 ($7,950) uses ICEedge class-D amplifiers to generate up to 610Wpc into 8 ohms or 660Wpc into 4 ohms with less than 0.005% distortion, all channels driven. That’s a lot of clean juice. The i-V7’s specified damping factor is “750 average, 20Hz to 1kHz,” which should mean excellent control of speaker drivers, and its spec of 127dB dynamic range indicates that it should have a very low noise floor. Last but not least, the i-V7 looks good -- Jeff and I both liked its black case accented with the copper-colored front trim, top vents, and logo at top center. The i-V7 begs to be shown off."

"Jeff and I both feel the Legacy i-V7 is an amp worth looking into by multichannel enthusiasts. A stereo version (i-V2) is also available."- Doug S., SoundStage! Hi-Fi

This marks the second and third Best of Award for Legacy Audio at the 2020 Florida Audio Expo- Legacy was also named "Musical Highlight of 2020, a Lot of Speaker for The Money” as well as the 2020 Editor's Choice by The Absolute Sound.

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