"A concise audio system is easily assembled from the Krell K-300i and Legacy Calibre, which does not take up much space, does not distract attention in the interior of a home library or study, but is capable of leaving an indelible impression with sound."

"The Calibre is for those who want the character of the Aeris sound, but in a compact package."

"Expression, depth of stage, dynamics and breadth of range – without a hint of any restrictions or compression."

"…you can be sure that a large orchestral drum with a fundamental tone of about 40 Hz will thump here as it should, to a shudder."

"Calibre can be called masters of rhythm."

"The information content is amazing."

"When such a precise spatial-harmonic focus is brought into the stereo scene, when the acoustics disappear from the picture, even the most hard-recorded electronic compositions played from a smartphone via Bluetooth will no longer seem aggressive. This is the case when the sound contrast turns into a much more familiar “photographic” focus for perception. And not all audio systems are capable of this.”

Legacy Calibre, shown in Black Pearl finish. Photo credits: Salon AV

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