The Legacy Aeris "filled this room with a marvelous sound that was beyond anything I would have expected from a pair of home audio speakers regardless of their pedigree. The transients and dynamics were so uncannily realistic that it was nothing short of amazing."

"Voices and other midrange elements were low distortion with natural timbres. These aspects of the midrange blended well with the light and airy treble response. And speaking of blending, the Aeris’ maintain a consistent voice through all these regions of the response

The bass was deep, clean and tuneful. The bass also lived up to its billing as having excellent stereo separation.

These tweeters are nearly indestructible with adequate amplification and have a clean, airy sound.

The mids, highs and bass were all in balance and every part was so incredibly alive from a dynamic standpoint.

I didn’t set up these speakers and you won’t have to, either. That’s because the purchase price on the Legacy Aeris speakers includes dealer installation. The dealer will come to your house, unpack the speakers, set them in place, make all the electrical connections and then optimize the Wave Launch processor to match the speakers to your room. The key benefit of the process is the stereo pair is again carefully matched just as it was at the factory."

"Legacy’s founder and chief designer, Bill Dudleston, is a real pioneer in the audio industry."

"Legacy gives you real quality, technology, innovation and value when it comes to fine high end speakers."

"The advanced room correction winnowed out most every response anomaly including any trace of floor bounce.

This provided by far the flattest response I have heard in my room...

And don’t forget that I measured less than 1% THD at 120 dB and 32 Hz!

This is the best low bass distortion reading of any full-range speaker I have ever tested...

and it just demonstrates why this system was capable of live sound pressure levels without audible strain.… one of the flattest curves I have ever measured from a full range speaker particularly when one considers it is an in-room measurement at the listening position.These speakers are also extremely flexible with the Wave Launch processor which makes them a perfect fit for just about any room. It will give you a chance to hear speakers that let the room melt away.Is it excellent? Yes. Does anybody else out there have anything quite like it? Nope.The Aeris have what may be the most advanced room correction system in the history of consumer audio."

"Music plays with a satisfying weight."

"I found that "Teaser and the Firecat" sounded new and fresh over the Aeris’ despite that I must have listened to this album 10,000 times on my Dad's Klipschorns when I was in High School.

I've always been smitten by the sound of the guitars on this album and I was pleased with the Aeris' ability to render all the dynamics and harmonics in the recording but the real story was how great the rendition of the percussion was. There are a lot of percussion parts in these songs and the Aeris’ were able to sort through them and retain a natural sense of attack and decay.

And this was where the Aeris really pulled me into the music. Gone at this point was any hint of the old audiophilia nervosa. Sure it took some time and effort for me to dial things in to my liking but now it was the purest form of musical enjoyment and the music was all I was thinking about. Most of all however was the way the Aeris handled the vocals - they were transparent and harmonically accurate."

What does all this mean?

"It means that I nominated these speakers for the Secrets 2014 Bad Ass Award. These speakers can move some serious air and they have the best bass performance I have heard from a pair of full range speakers."

"These are speakers that every audiophile should seek out for an audition."

Legacy Aeris has received the sole "2014 Bad Ass Award" designation. Read more here.

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