Likes: silky top end, good bass

Dislikes: no way, too good for the $

Wow Factor! a serious entry tower

"Legacy’s entry-level tower, the Expression, is an example of super-sound delivery, yet reasonable price from a USA-made speaker. In fact, for smaller rooms that can fit a tower speaker, it is a genuine bargain."

“The Expression gives those with more limited budgets a chance to sample the renowned Legacy loudspeaker sound. Dollar for dollar in a typical small-to medium room, the Expression is hard to beat for stereo or multichannel duties."

"It gets a well-earned Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award.”

"That silky smooth top end, generous helping of width in the imaging and very good, clean bass extension, plus more of it, were projected by the Expressions. But they filled up the room quite a bit more and offer increased oomph under 60 Hz than the Studios."

"I heard much of the upper-register piano key percussion that I hear on much more expensive speakers. Perfect for that cocktail jazz sound."

"The Expressions could handle anything I put through them. Pop, Rock or Country? No problem."

On classical music, the ribbon tweeter is aces on string instruments. On a 2L, 24/352.8 Haydn cello duo, I could definitely hear the bit of extra depth of cello tone overtones that the best speakers pull out of this ultra-hi-res recording."

The Expressions vocal performance also is smooth — without excessive sibilance or peakiness. Frank Sinatra — No One Cares album, now on SACD, features Sinatra at the peak of his phrasing and vocal power. The Expressions definitely do that recording justice. Just listen to the vocalist’s velvety tone on the “Cottage For Sale.”

"This ribbon is accurate with zero harshness, making the Expression a speaker you can listen to all day long."

"I had no complaints with the Expressions. They are well built, and were a cinch to to connect with my big Wireworld cables, and they are not that heavy to move around. And as a small tower, you can put them in about any room — except a really big one. The finishes are first rate, and this company really knows how to package a speaker for safe shipping, yet easy to remove from the box."

"If you get the impressions that I liked the Legacy Expression, you are correct."


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