"I have spent many, many hours listening to these speakers, and I continue to be impressed. They play music with an amazing amount of nuance and detail, but without that overly etched, bright quality that some audiophile speakers tend to impart to the sound. Dynamics seem virtually unlimited, and bass control and power are exemplary."

"I have been listening to music in the same room for more than 30 years. And, my speakers have included DCM Time Windows, KEF 105s, B&W 802s, and several iterations of Vandersteen 2Cs, JSE 1s and 2s, Carver Amazings, and Legacy Focus. For now, suffice it to say that the Legacy Audio Focus SEs offer the best sound overall I have ever heard in my listening room, combining clarity and transparency with flat, smooth frequency response and an overall sense of ease in producing music whether that music whispers or thunders its message."

"The SEs sound more open in the midrange, more natural in the treble, and more controlled and powerful on the bottom end. They present a sense of crispness without the brightness that word often entails. It has been a delight pulling out some older recordings that I had not listened to for a while and hearing how good they sound through these speakers."

"...rest assured that the Focus SEs offer excellent value for the money. In both appearance and performance, these speakers set a high standard and offer excellent value."

Read the full review in the September 2011 issue of Audio Xpress.

Focus SE measurements featured in Audio Xpress:

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