John Stancavage awarded the Legacy Audio VALORBest in Show at Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2017 in the Premium Products category.

"This rig included Legacy’s new Valor floor-stander ($80,000/pair USD), a pair of Raven Shaman Mk. 2 monoblocks ($49,995/pair USD) and Legacy’s Wavelet processor/preamp (about $5,000 USD as configured) running the new Stereo Unfold Technology software."

Legacy’s Stereo Unfold Technology software (SUT), which seeks to tame room reflections and allow spatial cues to emerge accurately was also awarded "Most Intriguing New Product."

"A new technology developed by Legacy aimed at the aural equivalent of making the jump to light speed."

"Dudleston played me several tracks to demonstrate the SUT effect. On all those songs, as well as equally impressive opera and folk selections, SUT seemed to do more than just correct ambience cues and bring performers into focus. SUT also created images that were life-size, and separated in space across a wide, deep soundstage."

The Legacy VALOR has also been named a “Gotta Have It!” system by Audioholics, “A Breathtaking New Level of Performance” the Most Significant Introduction at 2017 RMAF by The Absolute Sound.

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