StereoMojo's James Darby visited Legacy at AXPONA 2016 to hear the Aeris.

"I can tell you one thing right now: the lowly CD can sound incredibly good when played back on such world class gear like Meteronome, handmade in France, and Legacy speakers, handmade in Illinois."

"Here's something else I can tell you: I did not hear ANY speakers at the show that made me want to pony up more money to upgrade (from Aeris) to anything else."

"Experiencing them with the Metronome Technologie digital system just made us appreciate even MORE how outstanding they really are."

"Linda and I have been enjoying 3 to 4 hour listening sessions with them two nights a week for nearly two years."

"What I can honestly say is that the Aeris have never sounded as good at ANY show as they did driven by Raven amps."

The Legacy Aeris Speaker System has also received the 5th Consecutive The Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award, Speaker of The Year Award, Reference 100% Award and Back-to-Back Golden Ear Awards.

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