"My goodness, this was one handsome system. I loved the contemporary cabinetry and baffle design of the Legacy V." - Robert Youman, Positive Feedback

“I continue to be mesmerized by the technology, industrial design and performance of the Legacy Audio product line. This year was no exception. Utilizing the new Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover/Room Correction system on the Legacy V speakers, the goose bumps were immediately coming up for air."

“Elvis was standing between the speakers with just a drummer to his left and bass player to his right. I have never heard such an enthralling version of Fever. Each pluck of the bass and each thwack of the drums had the hair on the back of my neck standing tall. Elvis never sounded so palpable and expressive.”

"Another winning combination!"

"The Legacy V System, driven by Raven Audio Elite Series tube amps, gave the impression that moving air efficiently and accurately is super easy."

-Wayne Myers, Home Theater Shack

"There’s a feeling in the air at a live concert that is perfectly mimicked by the V system."

"The company describes it as a “Frequency and time domain optimized four-way directivity controlled array... I call it awesome."

"At less than half the price of the Wilson Alexx and under one quarter the price of the MBL Radialstrahler 101 X-treme speaker systems I heard at AXPONA, the Legacy V offered at least as much aural excitement.

Were I wealthy and cost was not an object, I’d take ‘em over the purely passive Wilsons in a heartbeat, even if the two speaker systems cost the same."

-Mark Henninger, AVS

The Legacy Audio V System has also been called "The Finest Sound I've Ever Heard" , "A Technological Tour de Force- Smooth, Clean & Perfectly Timed" and received the Editors' Choice Award & Breakthrough Technology of The Year Award

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Photos courtesy John Stancavage, Part Time Audiophile & Robert Youman, Positive Feedback

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