BRC Audio Productions is where great instruments and vintage gear meet cutting edge technology. Studio C is designed for mastering and features Neve, Manley, Songtec and Langevin EQ, compressors, and more.

BRC chose the Legacy Aeris for the playback system in their Mastering Studio. BRC notes “our Neve 8816 16 channel summing mixer provides a rich sound suited for any mixing or mastering project. What we are even more proud of is our Legacy Audio Aeris speaker system.”

Bill Crain remarks “Neve and Emotiva converters & 500 Emotiva watts power = beautiful, accurate, extended sound with your incredible Legacy Aeris speaker system in our Mastering room! Thanks Bill!”

British favorites "The 1975" after a successful vinyl-master evaluation Mastering Session in BRC's Studio C Mastering Room.

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