IL Times reporter, Bruce Rushton, tours the Legacy factory and sits down with Founder & Chief Engineer, Bill Dudleston, to discuss his passion for science & music which led him to found Legacy Audio in 1983.

“Bill Dudleston has turned a passion into a career as his company makes some of the world’s finest loudspeakers.”

“To hear Dudleston’s speakers in action is to have one’s breath snatched. His products have won a slew of best-speaker awards from audiophile publications, with reviewers prone to rave.”

"Legacy Audio’s listening room is decorated with framed albums mixed and mastered by recording engineers who used Dudleston’s speakers to ensure the highest-quality recordings possible. Linda Rondstadt’s Greatest Hits Vol. 2. Hell Freezes Over by the Eagles. Frank Sinatra ’57 In Concert."

“Legacy products are, pound for pound, speaker for speaker, the very best value in all of high-end audio. There’s just no way around that. The parts they use, the furniture-grade finish – it’s really a miracle they charge what they charge.”- Terry Hetzel, who worked in Chicago shops that cater to audiophiles

“There’s only so much you can spend on a speaker – I’m a practical guy,” Dudleston says.
“I only have one life. Why don’t we do what we do better than anyone else?”

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