Paris Show Coverage

Salon de la Hifi et du Home Cinéma -Kapra Audio Room

The Paris 2010 Show was the first official presentation of Legacy Audio in France. Nearly 5,000 brochures on Legacy Audio and Coda Technologies were presented on two display stands. At the close of the show, there remained practically none.

While the musical virtues of Legacy are unanimously touted in the press across the Atlantic, their recent discovery was a revelation in Paris. The Legacy Focus SE and Classic HD immediately caught the attention of many show listeners and they could not help expressing ecstasy over the "clarity and musicality" of the speakers.

In a previous Stereophile review concerning the Legacy Focus model, the journalist had described the reaction of a friend not much interested in audio and indifferent to hi-fi systems. When he had him listen to a disc on the Focus, the face of his friend illuminated with joy as he exclaimed "I never thought music could sound like this". Friends who are generally not attentive to the various systems that enthrone our living rooms have remarked similarly. At the Paris show, when told the price of the Focus SE system, several listeners actually responded "each?"

The Focus are not only great loudspeakers...they ring as true musical instruments! The manner in which they reproduce "les timbres" is striking of realism.

The Studio HD also received many compliments. The Legacy's have a life-like signature sound belonging to the whole range that are characterized by a musical realism, a freshness, a spontaneity that even the non-initiated perceive immediately. Isn't this the Grail for which each audiophile searches? The aptitude of a system to transmit all the spirituality that music contains - to elate the heart and raise the spirit?"

The association of Legacy speakers and Coda amplifiers seems particularly successful and was probably not done half-hazardly: the two business have had amicable connections for more than 20 years and the Legacy Audio speakers have, in certain measure, been put on point using the Coda amplifiers (and vice-versa).

Additional articles from the French publications Stereo Prestige and Image and Diapason are proposed for 2011.