The Ultimate A/B Comparison

Early Thursday morning of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, our staff had picked up of a copy of Lyn Stanley’s new SACD ‘Potions’. Bill Dudleston really liked one of the simpler tracks “Teach Me Tonight” and thought it would make a nice demo cut.

About 3 PM on Saturday John Atkinson, Stereophile editor, and Jim Clements, writer for Secrets of HT & HiFi dropped by to audition the Legacy V speaker system. The twenty or so attendees present also shifted from the playing Aeris setup to the V system at the far end of the room.

Upon the switch, Bill noted John was sitting front and center and thought he might enjoy the track from 'Potions'. By some stroke of fate, half-way into the second verse, passerby Lyn Stanley recognized the track was playing and gracefully headed for the source. A moment later we were treated to an incredible duet with Lyn artfully matching her performance note for note, even at similar levels. The listeners, including Bill, appeared mesmerized by the instant comparison of virtual Lyn and the real thing. The performance left everyone in the room enthralled and eagerly applauding, including reviewers Atkinson and Clements.

Ms. Stanley declared “These speakers are simply wonderful!”

It was a special moment for all and we thank Lyn for it!

Learn more about the Best of Show winner Legacy V system, here.

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