Here's what the press had to say about the new Legacy V Loudspeaker System at RMAF:

"The Legacy V is the Best of Show!" - J. Darby, Stereomojo

"Legacy Audio V is a Stunner. It dropped my seat somewhere in the first three rows of a concert. Holy cow." - Scot Hull, The Audio Traveler

"Legacy V is "to die for!'" - D. Disbennett, Secrets of Home Theater & HiFi

Photo: PartTimeAudiophile

"You want Diana Krall in your listening room? I’ve heard systems that can weave that illusion quite compellingly. But an electrified Bob Dylan, a big-band like Basie or Ellington, or heaven forbid, a full-scale orchestra? That’s a much harder trick. It takes something different to pull that off. Something like the Legacy V."

"The Legacy V is the Best of Show!"

- James Darby, Stereo Mojo

"I saw it. I heard it. This is it. Welcome to the top!"

-Tom Richard

"I was completely distracted by the insanely real textures slapping and thrumming out of an upright double-bass."

"In the expensive category of best sounding systems, it was a bit of a mismatch, price-wise, between the not cheap but great sounding Legacy V speakers and the crazy expensive Focal Grand Utopia ($195,000 a pair). Either of these systems is “to die for”!"

-Don Disbennett, Secrets of Home Theater & HiFi

"Really excellent imaging."

-Mike Davis, Audio Federation

Photo: PartTimeAudiophile

"Every now and again, your friends surprise you. And not in a “hey, is that a head in your fridge?” kind of a way. More in a “hey, did you just just add a president to Mt Rushmore?” kind of way."

-Scot Hull, The Audio Traveler

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