“The Focus XD can be viewed as melding together an ultra-high-end two-channel monitor with its own dedicated 750-watt ICE amp into one speaker that brings all the advantages of a separate subwoofer/speaker package in one elegant tower. There is no need to balance the subwoofer with the other drivers, as it is built in.”

“Over the last few years, I have been looking at a variety of ultra-high-end speakers from companies like Magico and Wilson Audio. The sound I was hearing from the Legacy Focus XD system reminded me a lot of the type of full range, distortion-free, deep soundstage performance from some $300,000-$400,000 systems I have auditioned at ultra high-end audio dealerships.”

“It’s the type of sound one never forgets.”

“We start off with Bella Fleck’s ‘Flight of the Cosmic Hippo,’ and the bass line plus guitar work were handled flawlessly by the Focus XD pair. The pitch combined with depth was more palpable than with any subwoofer package we have auditioned here, including subwoofers whose price matched the entire cost of the Legacy towers. The overall clarity is nothing short of astonishing.”

“Almost anyone who owns the album knows that ‘Money’ needs to be cranked up (this one goes to 11) to the point of challenging one’s speakers. The Legacies are so capable of high output that I didn’t push that far, but we were still rocking the house and being treated to a far more palpable presence of both Knopfler’s vocals and Sting’s cameo appearance than I have yet to experience.”

“With the Focus XD, I didn’t want any track to end.”

“The Focus XDs had no problem hitting 110dB peaks at the listening position without a hint of distortion. I rarely listen to music at this level, and very few speakers can do this without some power-handling issues. From the kick drum to the snare, there was this feeling that one was in the studio with the drummer, which is what a top-shelf speaker should be able to do.”

“The speakers are constructed of 1.25-inch MDF and covered with a veneer that is so well done that it looks like solid wood. This type of craftsmanship requires a lot of both talent and time. The 55-inch-tall towers are imposing in appearance yet were met with enthusiasm by my decorator wife. She declared them to be gorgeous.”

“It was getting quite clear that the Legacy Focus XD was a pair of $15,200 speakers that could be considered a true super speaker.”

“There is little to assemble in a pair of Focus XD. The feet easily screw in, and all one needs to do is, after installing the feet, is to stand the speakers up. The online owner’s manual shows one how to install the feet and levelers, and it is a simple task.”

Carlo Lo Raso visits:

“The quality of the satin Rosewood finish that I was examining here was completely “off the hook” and stands with some of the finest finishes that I’ve seen on a loudspeaker, ever. It would be the one I would pick, hands-down if I were ordering a pair.”

“In my opinion, the Focus XD loudspeakers pretty much have it all, in terms of beauty, sound quality, and ultimate flexibility. They easily compete with far more dearly priced speakers from all over the world, and in that context reward the discerning listener with excellent value to boot.”

On The Bench:

“Legacy delivers 95.4dB (one meter / 2.83 Volts) sensitivity with the Focus XD. Compared to most speakers in its size and price class, this is 6dB more efficient in terms of converting wattage to SPL. This means a Focus XD will deliver the same SPL with 25 watts that most will with 100 watts.”

“This demonstrates remarkable linearity – the most we have ever measured from any pair of loudspeakers.”

“The subwoofer section of the Legacy Focus XDs measured as the deepest, most powerful bass we have recorded yet, with an extension that remained solid to 10Hz. This is lower than any subwoofer we have tested in our room, including a pair of subwoofers which sell for the same $15,000 that the Legacy speakers get for the entire system.”

“This measured performance agrees with our ears: the Legacy Focus XD loudspeaker system is a true super speaker that one would usually expect to pay north of $50,000 per pair to get. It delivers linearity from below 15Hz up to (and beyond) 20,000Hz. Its measured performance is nothing short of state-of-the-art and is a testament to well-thought-out engineering.”

“The Legacy Focus XD can truly be considered as an end-game speaker for many listeners. The fact that they are not stratospherically priced in relation to the performance they provide makes them a screaming value to boot! Highly recommended!”

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