"The Legacy Focus XD is a truly outstanding speaker at the price. It offers different set-up options that range from reliance on a full-range built-in amplifier to the use of bi-amping and subwoofers. It also makes an excellent match for the Legacy Wavelet, a separate set of electronics with one of the best separate DAC, preamp, and automated room-correction systems."

"The Focus XD has a built-in 750-watt power amplifier that provides serious levels of full-range power with excellent dynamics, detail, soundstaging, and musical life, as well as neutral frequency response down into the deep bass."

"Both AMT's are greatly improved versions of the past Legacy versions with far stronger field strengths, a higher grade of neodymium in the magnets, greater sensitivity and the ability to play louder. They also have a much more advanced crossover design."

"The end result is a truly outstanding set of drivers supported by an advanced crossover, and you'll hear this almost immediately regardless of your taste in music, particularly when you are listening to naturally recorded instruments with higher PCM rates and the best SACD recordings and DSD streaming."

"Like some top competitors- a number of which are considerably more expensive- the Focus XD has remarkably little sound character of its own in the frequency range where most musical sounds occur. Choosing accuracy over coloration almost always means cleaner and more detailed sound that is more truly musical and that reveals the true sound character of different recordings."

The Legacy Focus XD in exotic Olive Ash Burl finish

"I should stress that what I found to be most important about this speaker was not the different ways it can be set up, but just how clean and detailed its midrange and treble were regardless of how I configured the XD, how easily its drivers and crossover handled complex passages and low- and high-level dynamics, how good their soundstage was, and how smooth the transition was from the 4" AMT to the 7" mid/woofer."

"If you examine its back, you will see that the Focus XD has a wide range of rear controls. You can set these controls so that the power amp inside the Focus XD operates over the entire audio bandwidth, and its amplifier inputs are driven directly by your preamp. However, you can also set these rear controls so that you can use its built-in power amplifier to drive the bass, and another power amp to drive the midrange and treble."

"These options also make the Focus XD an excellent match if you use the Legacy Wavelet 2 processor to provide a highly adjustable level of automatic room correction that you can then tailor to your personal taste. I've found it to be one of the best room-correction systems that I've used. It is not only a natural partner to the Focus XD; it also gives you the option of adding a pair of subwoofers if you are truly into deep bass or have an audio/video setup."

"Because it exhibits deep powerful bass, the Focus XD will benefit from separate electronics such as the Wavelet that can properly measure actual room response in the time domain and correct the peaks and valleys in deep bass response that are almost inevitable in real-world rooms."

"The Focus XD is a very good speaker for the dollars. More than that, it is a good illustration of the fact that today's best speakers are no longer the most colored component in the audio chain and have evolved far beyond the point I thought possible even half a decade ago. In short, the Focus XD is highly recommended, and its core sound qualities show just how good today's best speakers have become."

The Legacy Focus XD went on to earn a 2024 Editors' Choice Award from The Absolute Sound.

Other award-winning Legacy models include the VALOR system, V system and AERIS XD with Wavelet 2 processor and the passive Focus SE. Learn more here.

Focus XD was also named Best Floor-Standing Loudspeaker of 2023 by Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity. The Focus XD ($15,200) Reminded Me of $300,000-$400,000 systems.

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