The Legacy Focus XD have been named Best Floor-Standing Loudspeakers for 2023 by Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity. View the Award here.

“In my opinion, the Focus XD loudspeakers pretty much have it all, in terms of beauty, sound quality, and ultimate flexibility. They easily compete with far more dearly priced speakers from all over the world, and in that context reward the discerning listener with excellent value to boot."

"The Focus XD has taken the position within my personal reference speakers, as my (until something knocks them off the top) ultimate reference loudspeaker system. They best the above-mentioned reference speakers at every level. They play deeper, with less distortion, and with a sense of ease that the other speakers cannot quite accomplish, and do so in an elegant package. They are more than highly recommended: they are the reason one might ask ‘why pay more?"

"The Legacy Focus XD loudspeaker system is a true super speaker that one would usually expect to pay north of $50,000 per pair to get. It delivers linearity from below 15Hz up to (and beyond) 20,000Hz. Its measured performance is nothing short of state-of-the-art and is a testament to well-thought-out engineering.” - C. Chase & C. LoRaso, read the full review here.

The Legacy Focus XD $15,200 "Reminded Me of $300,000-400,000 Systems"

"A Work of Art...That Leaves You Speechless"

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