The Legacy Audio (Montgomery) room was named among the Best Rooms at Capital Audiofest 2023 by

"Bill Dudleston typically sets up several complete systems in large rooms at shows. I heard the largest speakers, the Aeris XD ($23.4k) which sounded like a very good value driven with the Wavelet II preamp with digital crossover and DSP and the iV2 Ultra high current dual mono stereo amp. Their speakers tend to be on the high-efficiency side, making them useable with lower power tube amps, but Bill is partial to solid state and he's at the forefront of DSP with his Wavelet and speakers. Excellent workmanship with the speakers."

Legacy Aeris XD and Wavelet II processor at Capital Audiofest 2023

"A more modest rig displayed the Focus XD ($15.2k), an equally efficient hybrid design with powered woofers and the dual air motion tweeter. While the cabinet is less complex, the same high-quality workmanship and interesting veneer options still apply. This is their 40th year and it is not surprising that their speakers show up so seldom on the used market." Rick Becker,

Legacy Speakers were also called "Stunningly Natural, Thoroughly Engaging" at Capital Audiofest 2023. See additional show coverage here.

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