"Simply the finest loudspeaker system I’ve had the privilege of hearing," the Legacy Aeris has received another Product of The Year Award.

This 2015 designation comes from Stereo Mojo, where James Darby notes: "We’ve had much more expensive speakers, but none as exhilarating as these."

"Very few people have heard bass presented the way the Aeris can. Now that I’ve lived with low end so deep, so musical and so accurate, there’s no going back."

"Never, ever once did the Aeris make an unmusical sound. Perhaps most importantly, it’s the way they made us feel. They impart something that has been quietly lacking in every other speaker; call it satisfaction, call it fulfillment, consummation or just plain joy, but they never left us wanting for the inspiration and delight that only real music can deliver. Yes, I said real."

Select Awards Include

3 Editors' Choice Awards from The Absolute Sound

Best Sound (Highest Value)- Robert Harley, RMAF

Back to Back Golden Ear Awards

Reference 100% Award

Best of Secrets Award

Speaker of The Year- TAS

Audioholics Consumer Excellence Award

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