What do you get when you combine two of the world’s most innovative theater designers and the talents of Legacy Audio, Crestron, Barco and Cineak?

Welcome to the Experience Centre, the world’s premiere preview theater. This international theater located in Mumbai, India, home of the Bollywood film industry, showcases the latest in audio and video technology.

The Experience Centre was conceived by Anil Srivastava of Audio Excellence, Legacy Audio’s Indian distributor and Mehernosh Pervez of Sound Decisions. “There is a very good scope in the home theater market for high-end integrators who work with professional cinema speakers and amplifiers. So we wanted a place where someone could come and see how the concept worked, and sell it to their clients.” – Anil Srivastava, Pro Audio Asia January-February 2015

They approached Legacy Audio Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, to develop a cutting edge speaker system, one which exceeds standards for dynamics, steering, and articulation, all DSP controlled.


The Audio Technology

The Auro-3D® certified Experience Centre boasts 28 Legacy Audio speakers powered by 32 channels of amplification.

The audio system features Legacy active left and right mains with 4x500 Watts of ICEpower® amplification, a custom center channel, 3 Slant 7 LCR height channels all behind screen & 2 low profile versions of the doubleHelix subwoofers below the screen.

Stacked Slant 7’s on each side, serve as front L-R wide channels. Two pairs of Legacy Silhouette Pro on-wall speakers & Pro 7 Monitors line the left and right side walls.

The top back corners each contain a custom 8” coaxial corner speaker. The back wall contains an additional pair of Silhouette Pro on-walls, and beneath those a pair of low profile subwoofers only 6” deep. Four overhead array speakers are also installed in-ceiling over the seating area.

“Legacy Audio has provided a speaker configuration incorporating height, wide and overhead channels with panning, using their own algorithms, resulting in an extremely immersive experience with even Dolby and DTS 5.1 formats.” – Anil Srivastava, Pro Audio Asia January - February 2015

Milind Rao Rane served as acoustic consultant on the project and performed the final calibration.

The Experience Centre is additionally equipped with state-of-the-art Parasound amplification, Datasat Digital processors, a Qube Premier 2K server, Barco DP@K-10X projector, Wireworld cables, Crestron ADMS media server, Apple TV & MacMini, Sony Playstation, Cineak Seating, and Numinus stardome lighting.

“It leaves you wondering where reality stops and virtuality begins. This is the stuff dream-theaters are made of!”

- What HiFi? November 2014 issue

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