Legacy Focus SE- Once you’ve heard how good it can be, it’s hard to go back.

"Without any calibration, or even a hint of extra work on my part, quality stereo recordings were already jaw droppingly sweet to listen to."

"I had never imagined that a loudspeaker was capable of bringing tears to my eyes in the first minute I listened to it. What I was totally unprepared for was to have the organ reproduced with such incredibly effortless authority while still sounding absolutely authentic. This is the only stereo loudspeaker I have ever heard that literally caused me to turn my head and check whether the surrounds were active. With the Focus SE's - sound doesn't just come at you, it surrounds you."

"I was so proud of the sound that I invited friends over to hear the difference - I even invited neighbors. This was not just a pair of speakers reproducing a recording - this was music!"

"My experience with other speakers (including my daily drivers - Paradigm Studio 100's) had always been enjoyable but to quote Bill Dudleston, Focus SE gave more of a "they are here experience" than the "you are there" experience."

"Having spent many hours on a stage right next to the drummer, I'm very accustomed to jazz cymbal - and this was the real thing."

"It's important for you to understand that these are such incredible speakers they don't even need a sub! True to Legacy's claims, I measured the Focus SE's on their own flat to 21Hz in my room with usable extension all the way down to 18Hz!"

"(The Marquis HD) center channel managed to improve on my already impressive CC-690 by a handy margin. (Legacy Marquis HD) is without a doubt the most serious center channel I have ever seen. The same technology that powers the Focus SE is packed into a center channel that raises the bar substantially above any competitor I have heard."

"I'd like to leave you with one inescapable conclusion I reached during my time with the Legacy Audio Focus SE's. What is it that attracts us all to this hobby, causes us to spend countless hours and dollars in the pursuit of better sound and video? I believe that it is the difference between a cheap seat theater and the IMAX, or the difference between a good home theater, and a great one. Once you’ve heard how good it can be, it’s hard to go back.

These speakers have allowed me to appreciate music, movies, and the sheer joy of listening in an entirely new way. Listening through the Focus SE's is a very simple thing: it’s the difference between listening to a recording, and being there."

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