"I would venture that most of us hard-boiled audiophiles have heard a piece of equipment that was so good, so profoundly superb that you didn’t want to live without it. Many of us have been there, at the point of strain, knowing our budgetary limitations, yet yearning for the ultimate, the sound which would make us feel alive while listening. The Helix has been that product, vivifying my music every time I sit down in front of them. Ever since they were first entwined into my rig, they have been the major influence in my music having the characteristic of being alive."

"Helix is the perfect name for a speaker system designed to have its constituent elements woven into a tapestry of the finest acoustic quality. I will propose that the Helix is elemental to the attainment of an exceptionally high level of audiophile sound. It is among the “best of the best”; it deftly exhales from lifeless electronics the vitality of live music."

"I have seen very few high-end speaker designer/manufacturers who give the consumer as much bottom line High-End performance, no matter which model, as Legacy Audio."


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