"The bottom end is tight, powerful and transparent. Kick drums, kettle drums and cathedral organs are reproduced where you can feel the power and dynamics of each instrument."

"Soundstaging is excellent. Images are pinpoint and instruments don't wander. Depth is also very good with solid reproduction of hall acoustics in appropriate recordings. The decay of tones and shadings of timbre are superb. The FOCUS has an uncanny ability to resolve low level details."

"The Quad reproduced the heart of music like no other speaker could. Until now, that is. I believe that the FOCUS is even better. It has more heart than the Quad, and is also more dynamic with better extension top and bottom. Simply put, this speaker is a bargain. It's like having the best qualities of electrostatic, ribbon, and dynamic speaker in one unit. Placement and toe-in is a breeze due to careful driver matching. Just set them up and smile from ear to ear. Natural, open, and trans­parent with tremendous dynamic range, the FOCUS truly make music enjoyable again."

Download the full review here (PDF).

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